Energy-saving from Drying part of Paper machine with Pressure Reducing Turbine technology

The concept of reducing the energy cost of the dryer

In most drying parts of today’s machines, there is a flash steam recovery device from the Thermocompressor. This equipment operates at high pressure (more than 8 bars, more efficient steam recovery), typically, 14 bars in the main steam line to the Thermocompressor, while the steam pressure in the drying group operates about 4 -5 bar. Therefore, the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) helps to reduce the pressure from 14 bars to 4-5 bars. (see the figure 1)

This 9-10 bar pressure difference from this PRV creates a huge amount of energy and will be utilized by the Pressure Reducing Turbine – PRT device to produce electricity for the plant that had previously been not recovered (mean wasting)

figure 1

Principle of operation of the Reduced Turbine (Pressuring Reducing Turbine):

The kinetic energy from the steam pressure (steam) due to the difference of input and output causes the turbine to generate mechanical energy, which is converted into electricity to re-connect to the power grid of the plant through the generator and the integrated controller

Figure 2

This technology is simple to install, simple equipment has almost no maintenance, can be immediately seen to be effective, and can be applied in almost all dryer systems using Thermo-compressor to reduce electricity, reduce production costs.

According to the actual projects implemented at paper and textile factories, the payback period is 10 to 24 months when installing Turbine pressure reducing technology (refer case studies at the below link)

You are interested in this new technology, study more documents, catalogs, and case studies accepted at the paper mills at the links below:

Download Pressure Reducing Turbine_Presentation.pdf (2 Mb)

Download Pressure Reducing Turbine_Catalogue.pdf (1 Mb)

Download Pressure Reducing Turbine_Case studies.pdf (1 Mb)

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